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2 Ways Royal Game

2 Ways Royal is loading in browser’s window. There is an ordinary slot in front of you but all the actions (bets, select/fold of the cards) are fulfilled by online mouse and keyboard. One player is playing against the slot according to the rules of an ordinary poker. Here one should add to Big Royal flush a Small one where the cards gathered by the player are the sequence from deuce to six inclusively. This gives you more chances to win big sum of money! You are given a starting capital so that you could get familiarized with the game and decide, if you would like to play just for interest or to win real money.

2 Ways Royal Slots Machine

Poker is the most widely used game all over the world. The scientists are sure that it was developed at about 1835 in the USA. It took the elements of several games rules. The name takes its origin from the English word “Pocket”. The game is done with pack of 52 cards and at real table game. Usually there are from five to seven game players. But while playing with the video poker online, you will not have to wait for game partners – the machine is dealing the cards just for you and this will increase your chances for winning and reduce the game time. The game deals the player five cards. The aim of the game (as for "real" as for online one) - to gather one of winning combinations. Thus, while playing with a video-poker online, you have a big advantage as there is no risk, that someone from your opponents will gather better combination than you have got. The combinations are distributed the following way:

Play 2 Ways Royal Slots Online

The highest Royal Flush – five high cards of the same suit (10, jack, queen, king, ace). In the game 2 Ways Royal there is one more Royal Flush, the Small one - sequence of the cards of the same suit, beginning from 2 till 6 inclusively (this is one more advantage!).

Street-flush - any another sequence consisting of five cards of the same suit (for example - 6,7,8,9,10 spades). While playing in casino with real people, it is possible simultaneously for several players to gather street flash of different suits and high. In this case the winner will be the person whose sequence is higher.

4 aces – the player should gather four aces. The fifth card has absolutely no influence to the result.

Four kings (queens or jacks) - speaks for itself.

Four cards (from 2 to 10) - four cards of the same high

Full house (three plus two) – three cards of equal high, plus two-of another one. In real game –the higher set is the better.

Flush - five different cards of the same suit without any sequence.

Street – sequence from five cards of the different suit (for example - 2 spades, 3 clubs, 4 hearts, 5 spades, 6 clubs).

Three of a kind – three cards of the same high and two odd.

Two pairs - two pairs, cards of any high.

One Pair - pair of high cards (beginning from jacks and higher)

On playing this vide game online, initially you have got a starting capital which can be used for your bets. If you win, there are sums of money that will be charged on your account according to the table of winning combinations-for your convenience it is always shown on the screen. Having accepted dipper’s suggestion and pressed the key "Double", you can double your gain. It is possible to double only the half of the gain or to refuse proposal – there are necessary keys. While making doubling, the slot is dealing five cards – one open for itself and four closed. You are choosing one card from four closed. If the card you have selected is higher that the slot has got, your winning will be doubled. If it is smaller - you are loosing the game, and the game starts from the beginning. You can make as many doublings as you like - till you loose the game or decide to stop and take the gain.

In online video poker machine one can not bet with counters - you are just selecting which sum from 1 to 5 you would like to take from your account (it is lit at the bottom of the screen).

The control of the game is very easy, it is possible to use as mouse as keyboard (this is at your discretion). Bright colourful graphics, sounds effects that are raising hazard, easy rules of the game and many chances to get victory – all of this makes 2 Ways Royal a profitable and interesting affair if you play with the slot online.

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