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Joker Poker Game

Video poker where only one player can play. Gathering winning combinations according to Poker’s rules you have the possibility to get up to 5000 for one your counter! Lucky, your Poker skills and intuition - your success will depend on all of this! While playing online you are simultaneously having a good time and can earn money not leaving your comfortable sofa! Slot machines «Joker-Poker» - play free of charge or for money, win and have pleasure!

Joker Poker Slots Machine

Differing from the other slots, slot machine «Joker Poker» uses in the game full pack of 52-54 cards plus jokers. Jokers can be called quite a useful help for the player as they help him to gather winning complete hands oftener and oftener and even oftener get money from online-casino!

Play Joker Poker Slots Online

To bet is very easy - you can do this while pressing arrows «plus-minus» in the left corner of the screen or to press the keys «Bet One» and «Bet Max». They are selecting minimal and maximal bets and allow you to bet from 1:1 to 1:5 and of course to win!

The player is dealt five cards from which he should select what cards should be kept for making a winning complete hand and which ones should be replaced. The slot will prompt you whether you have already got a nice combination. Cards selecting can be fulfilled while pressing on them or by the key «Hold». The cards are marked, you are pressing «Deal» or space -and unneeded cards are replaced. If after replacement you have got a winning combination specified by the table - our congratulations, you will get money! It is possible to double it while playing for doubling-in popping-up window please press «Double». If you don’t want to risk-press «Collect» and money will top your account up. It is shown in the bottom in the left window. In the small windows under game field you can always see how much your bet is and how much you have won. The combinations listed in prize table of the slot «Joker Poker» differ a little form the ones used in the other Poker slots.

Winning combinations:

Normal Royal Flush - sequence of the same suit from ten to ace.

Five equal - four cards of equal high plus joker

Wild Royal Flush - Royal Flush where one of the cards is replaced by Joker.

Street Flush - sequence consisting of five cards of the same suit, for example - 6,7,8,9,10 of spades.

Four equal - four cards of the same high.

Full house - «three plus two» - three of the same high plus pair of another high.

Flush - all cards of the same suit but without any sequence.

Street - card sequence according to the high of different suits.

Three equal - three cards equal by the high.

Two pairs - here everything is clear

Pair on the kings and higher - if you have got any pair of cards equal by high + king or ace of any used suit.

Natural combination - this is card combination without using joker.

While playing online on the slots, you have the right to select whether you are playing a training game or to go to casino where you can bet and win real money. The bets are not big but there are always chances for victory. Play the «Joker Poker» and win not leaving you house and fortune will smile you!

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