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Europa Casino Reels Game

The most lovely of the all kind of reels are the slots machine «Europa Casino». You select the amount of bet, press «Spin» - and three rolling reels will build up a line from fruits in a small window. If you are lucky - all three fruits will be the same and you will get their cost. And if fortune gives you a smile you can have three Euro signs in one line!

Europa Casino Reels Slots Machine

Would you like to have a rest and to improve your finances at the same time? You will not find any better affair - only online slots machine Europa Casino Reels! An amazing play in browser's window will allow you to find yourself in one of real casinos in Monte Carlo!

Play Europa Casino Reels Slots Online

The control of the slot is minimized - there are several keys just right on the screen allowing you to select the sum and the object you to bet. There is also a table of winnings - for you to know what can you except if you have the chance. The key «Spin» will allow you to control the start of the rolling reels.

The more expensive the fruit you bet, the more gain you will get at the end, but even if you didn't manage to have three fruits simultaneously - a consoling prize will improve your mood! Small cherries even one by one will give you a small gain, and you will be meeting them quite often!

While playing on-line you can always control your balance - the field «Current Balance» in the left corner in the bottom is showing your finances and the line with the winning is shown directly in the table. The bets are small but it is very nice to get a winning in any case. You can play even for free! The slot machine is providing you with a small sum of money which can be used for starting the game. If you have the chance - why should not try to play real game? Videoslot will offer you to go to casino room where you can win real money - and all this not leaving your house! It is comfortable quick and attractive - and no efforts on your side!

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