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Aces and Faces Game

Online video poker slot machine will give you the opportunity to win a big sum of money not leaving your comfortable arm-chair! Aces and Faces differs from an ordinary poker that way, that here for winning combinations with faces you will be charged bigger gains than in other kinds of the game. Here all possible combinations with the cards you have selected are taken to consideration in four lines on the screen simultaneously! The second in order combination is four aces, not street flush. Five Royal flushes one by one - and you will become an owner of the biggest Jackpot of all possible online poker slots!

Aces and Faces Slots Machine

Poker was invented in the United States in the middle of XIX century and since then it got a worldwide popularity. With the development of the game industry in Internet, this game that many people are fond of has become more available. You can play as in online casinos with alive persons as with videoslots imitating poker slots. While playing single game your chances for big success become so great that it is practically impossible to resist the temptation to play.

Play Aces and Faces Slots Online

While playing online poker slots game Aces and Faces, you will become even nearer to the winning! Having loaded «Aces and Faces» in browser's window, you will see the screen with four but not with one card lines. The player should bet for every line. The lower line is open and the rest are closed. From the opened cards you should mark with a mouse click those cards, you would like to keep and press on the game field «Space» or «Deal». Unnecessary cards will disappear, and the slot will provide you with new from different packs. If your cards make winning combinations with the others at least in one line - you are the winner! The possibility to charge the gains for all lines at once can be called an additional advantage of this slot machine! Thus if you happen to have different winning combinations in several lines - you will get several winnings at once! And if you manage to make Royal Flush in a lower line for five times one by one - you will hit Jackpot! Having gathered all four aces in one line on the screen you will get the second according to seniority prize. For players' convenience the list of prize combinations and the ratio bet/winning is right on the game field, namely:

Royal Flush: 500 for 1

4 aces: 80 for 1.

Street flush: 50 for 1

Square (jacks, kings, queens): 40 for 1

Square (from 2 to 10): 25 for 1.

Full house: 8 for 1.

Flush: 5 for 1.

Straight: 4 for 1

Three of a kind: 3 for 1

Two pairs: 2 for 1

Pair of jacks or higher: 1 for 1

While playing Aces and Faces on the poker slots, all control of the game is done with the mouse and keys «Space» and «Enter». The rate of the bet can be selected on the screen as well. It can be done by the keys «Bet one» and «Bet max» or by pressing the table on the game field. The winning is followed by a pleasant to winner's ears sounds of squandering coins.

You have the right to select - should you play for interest to train your skills (for this you will be provided by the slot with definite sum of money to be used for bets) or to play for real money. In any case, if you have had the chance, there will be popup window inviting you to online casino where you can get your registration and define what kind of mutual payments will be the most suitable for you.

Online slots machine of video poker «Aces and faces» give you the opportunity to relax and win not leaving your house!

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