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Jacks Or Better Game

The peculiarity of online poker «Jacks or better» in slots is considered to be the fact, that only one player is playing against the machine. The table of game combinations also differs from an ordinary poker. The combination jack and pair having at least the same high as jack can be called the smallest. Jacks are also served as «wild» card because they can replace any missing card in winning combinations. This is increasing your chances for winning; its maximal meaning is 4000 of your bets! You can play as for money as for interest!

Jacks Or Better Slots Machine

«Jacks or better» - the game belonging to poker's type. It is played with pack of 52 cards without jokers as their functions are fulfilled by Jacks - «wild cards» that can replace any of missing cards in winning combinations. If you happen to play a real game, you would be playing with four to seven players, and it would be very difficult to get a good complete hand. Thus you will for sure appreciate all the charm while playing online with the video poker machine - the cards are dealt only for you and you don't need to go anywhere - the game will be opened in browser's window!

Play Jacks Or Better Slots Online

First of all you bet. Its size can be changed according to your wish - from minimum that is €0,05 to maximum that is €5. There are four active lines in «Jack or better» and one bets on each of them. But the prizes are calculated by each of the lines as well! Thus if you happen to have several good combinations - you are winning the sum of all combinations!

The list of combinations is in front of you in the table on the game field. The highest combination is Royal Flush, the sequence of the same suit from 10 to ace inclusively. Differing from an ordinary poker, the smallest one «Pair of faces» is considered to be «Pair with Jack». The keys «Bet One» and «Bet Max» regulate the bets per which the game is done. Also they regulate the bet per which you get your winnings.

When the bets are done, you are dealt five open cards and fifteen closed. Now you have to select from open combinations the one you consider to be the most successful and click on it with the mouse. The video-poker will tell you when there are the cards making already a good combination. If you have already selected - press the key «Deal» and the machine will make a replacement and open the columns to be closed earlier. If you happen to have winning combinations at least in one line, you will be paid the gain according to the table. You can always control your balance - it is shown in the left corner in the bottom in a special window.

You don't need to play for real money - the slot will provide you with a definite sum for the beginning and it can be used for making the bets in the game while playing «for interest». If you like this, and you would like to bet really (and that's mean to win real money!) - you need to get a registration.

All procedures can be done very quickly and easily right here. There are the buttons of exit, registration and your own study from which you can fulfill all money transactions.

Online video poker - this is easy, comfortable and profitable!

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